Start to Finish

Major demolition and excavation Garage construction in Atholl brickwork
Major demolition and excavation required to prepare groundwork for new garage, driveway and retaining walls A total transformation. Garage construction in Atholl brickwork with Marley tiled roof. Driveway in Paver System burnt ochre with marigold borders.
Clearing the site on for a driveway project Type 1 base Superb driveway in Marshalls burnt ochre
Beginning to clear the site on another driveway project The critical part of every job – the Type 1 base A superb driveway utilising Marhalls burnt ochre with marigold border and edgings
A building site to work with GR Landscapes makeover
A new cottage which, after construction, left the owners with a building site for a garden A beautiful transformation after a GR Landscapes makeover. This included walls, fencing, turfing, planting, lighting, and path and patio installations